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Manufacturer Authorized Dealer of OmniCure LED UV Curing Systems

Manufacturer Authorized Dealer of Lumen Dynamics OmniCure Light Curing Systems

OmniCure UV curing systems offer a high degree of adaptability and ease of integration with a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from precision UV spot curing to advanced LED UV curing systems. Addressing the demands of a wide range of UV applications, OmniCure’s core technology is built on ingenuity and UV expertise which includes LED UV curing systems and intelligent UV curing lamp systems. These systems are designed to meet the demands of precision assembly applications that can be easily integrated into automated and stand- alone manufacturing environments.

  • Spot cure up to 40 Watt/cm2
  • LED-UV Area Cure systems
  • Legacy and LED Radiometers
  • Cure Rings allows a light guide 360 degrees of curing power
  • High Powered Fiberoptic Light Guides

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