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As a leader in centrifugal and vibratory parts feeding technology, Hoosier feeder offers a wide range of solutions. By using robust tooling designs, the vibratory feeder systems are constructed to ensure high efficiency during heavy duty operations. Centrifugal feeders offer high speed rates, gentle part handling used in applications such as high speed packaging to inspection, printing, food handling and labeling automation. Other products include the Flex Feeder for vision guided robotic pick and place and well as linear feeders when you want to keep a part oriented for longer distances. Finally, Hoosier manufactures a wide assortment of prefeeders that take bulk delivery of parts and doses parts at a regulated rate to properly feed parts to orienting feeders in the process. All systems are warranted for 12 months from shipment against defective materials and workmanship. Field service and repair are available and technicians are usually onsite within 24-48 hours at your facility to reduce downtime.

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  • Tool vibratory feeders
  • Centrifugal & rotary feeders
  • Flex Feeders
  • Linear Feeders
  • Prefeeders
  • Part Nests & Mechanisms

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