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Authorized Dealer & Supplier of BalTec Riveting Tools

Authorized Dealer & Supplier of BalTec Riveting Tools


Developed by Bracker in the late 60's and acknowledged as the contemporary standard for riveting and cold forming, BalTec's radial riveting technology creates strong, precise part assemblies. The key advantage is that the material is formed radially rather than tangentially.

  • Using a rosette path, riveting tools do not spin or rotate, there is a consequently longer tool life due to reduced friction, lower metallurgical stresses on the fastener
  • Most case hardened materials can be cold formed, even galvanized and other plated surfaces stay intact and undamaged
  • Micrometer adjusted settings allow riveting to be performed on Baklite, ceramic, glass, plastics including Valox, Delrin, ABS, glass-filled nylons, Lexan and many more
  • Since impacting or upsetting of the material does not occur, the process is relatively quiet and free from vibration.

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